Gratitude is a unique band of well versed, long time professionals whose passion is to make great music with great friends. People often ask what style of music they play, but the answer is not simple. Each member brings to the table their own style and share in the songwriting, so the music is quite diverse and all original... no covers. “I’d say we’re an easy listening jazz instrumental, storytelling melodic rock band with a twist of reggae and happy beach rock,” says Flutist Mike Cook in a San Clemente Times article (click here to check it out). They play many fundraisers and promotionals for groups like the American Cancer Society, Wathershed Task force, Surfrider, and many more. Be sure catch their very fun and entertaining show around town by clicking 'Tour Info' Gratitude is in the studio rignt now working on their next CD so be sure to watch for that.

Gratitude is...

Roby LaPorte
Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Keys and Vocals


Christi Hardy

Gene Shillman
Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Keys and Vocals




Sherman Fowler
Percussion and Vocals

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